This list is still being updated. Please check again closer to the Auction for final selection.

Newry Art Auction Catalogue.

Below is a selection of the works that will be showcased for our Art Auction.

We have another selection of over 35 works that will open for silent auction. (Flame Tree)” Miimi & Jiinda
Archival Ink on High Quality Archival Canvas    
(Includes an Authenticity Certificate)
Series by Belle Buddon
Australian native plant dyes on paper with Ink
“Wahlabul Jugoon” (Bundjalung Country) Oral Roberts
Paint on Board
“Seventeen” Kelana Arraiza
Brew of crushed, pummelled, blended, sieved, carved and powdered sand, shells, bark, ash and husk on canvas.

“Spermum Waxing” Clare Milledge
Oil on stained glass, recycled Australian hardwood (old Goulburn bridge), bronze close-readers (30.5 x 30.5cm) 
“Secrets of the Rainforest” Dailan Pugh
“Recycled Geometree” Hanarchy
Salvaged Wood (100x45cm)
“Franklin River” Calumn Hockey
Framed High Quality Photograph
“Always was, Always will be” Calumn Hockey
Framed High Quality Photograph
Custom Bello Surfboards; Nina Hurr
Old Surboards, Texta, Paint
“Sign Stool 450” Trent Jansen
Reused Road Signs
“Butterfly Dreaming” Aunty Alison Buchanan
Painting Print Stretched on Canvas
Big Tree Projects, Steve Pierce
Framed Photograph (full piece displayed on left)
“Scribbly Gum” Emma Peters
Wool, Upcycled Yarn (120x120cm)

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